Saturday, July 31, 2010

Aleks Becomes an Apiarist

Jim had to feed his bees, so he got Aleks all suited up in the beekeeping garb he bought for him three years ago. Aleks still isn't big enough to quite fit, but it was close enough. They tape their ankles shut to make sure no bees get in.
Bastian was terribly upset about not having his own suit.

Jim fed the bees while Aleks kept the smoker going.
Jim let him show off the frame for me. I kept a safe distance and used a zoom.


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic experience for Aleks. And for Bastian, well...perhaps you've created a brand new neurosis or something for the little guy. ;)

anna kiss said...

Well we promised Bastian that he'd get his own suit too. Unfortunately, that's the smallest suit they make and it will fit these kids when they're 12, I'm sure.