Thursday, June 17, 2010

Items of Note from Today

After swim lessons - in which Bastian decided to go back to the Level I class with Aleks - we stopped at the pet store to buy crickets for Esteban. We stopped at a different pet store yesterday to look at the animals and their crickets were ridiculously expensive. We did observe lots of baby leopard geckos, however, and Bastian announced his desire for Esteban to have a brother, which I vetoed.

Today at our normal pet store we got to actually hold an animal. The boys liked it quite well. Papa hates guinea pigs, however, so we will not be getting one. Aunt Natty and I are still stuck on lion head bunnies and I am very much missing having cats. One day when we live elsewhere these matters may become more serious. For now, it is just cuddling what's up for adoption just because.

Later on, at home, the girls came over to play and I got out cards for Father's Day which we bought today to paint or otherwise decorate. I'm not sure that they'll get to the grandfathers in time with our rate of production.
Bastian did but one card.

Aleks refused to paint cards altogether. So much for my grand ideas.
Bastian started to get out lots of the new board games as well. I tried to teach him and the youngest girl how to play Battleship, but they don't recognize enough letters and numbers to do so successfully. They made up their own version and played for a bit.

Tonight is the Coventry Street Fair, which Jonas and Lavinia are going to come for. Aleks has been waiting for some time. He is asking at this very moment how long precisely it will take for them to arrive. It is a big pet peeve of mine to be questioned in minute, impossible-to-predict detail. Drives me nuts.

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t. litwinko said...

you guys have the most magical childhood. miss you very much.
aunty teresa