Thursday, May 13, 2010

Arachnid Find

While planting seeds in pots of dirt leftover from the Big Dirt Dig, I discovered these hatching inside the corner of the desk I plan to recover from the brink of death here at some point, which for the time being rests on our back porch.
Watch them move:


Chrissy Johnson said...

This reminds me of a crazy story my mom used to tell. When we were kids she'd regale us with it at the most inappropriate times (eating, falling asleep) was about a lady lying on the beach, enjoying a little beachy nap, and while she slumbered in the sun a mama spider crawled in her ear and laid her egg sack. The lady felt like her ear was a bit clogged but attributed it to her sinuses. Then, a few weeks later...quazillions of baby spiders poured out of her ear while she was sitting at the dinner table with her family. EEEEEEE.

Julie said...

Very cool!