Friday, April 23, 2010

In Which My Children Become Revolutionaries

A friendish posted online that she'd bought a typewriter for its case and was asking if anyone would want the typewriter. I saw it early and immediately showed interest. I picked it up that evening and Aleks spent some time getting to know how it worked: how to put the paper in, how to turn it on, how to know when to switch lines, how to go down a line and back to the beginning at the same time, etc.
The next morning, he set to work writing a story. My friend Lyz says that all great manifestos and revolutionary literature were written on typewriters, so it must be a good thing to have one around. I'm not sure that's what he's writing, but maybe with lots of practice, he'll get there (and establish some specific ideology to articulate on the way).


Chrissy Johnson said...

My mom gave me her old Royal when I was about Aleks' age. I wrote play after play, lame poem after lame poem....but dangit if it didn't spark my love of writing. How fun for the boys to have a typewriter - I'm going to start trolling thrift stores for one after we move.

anna kiss said...

I did the same. :D