Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Eve

We usually make party plans or have a sleepover with the kids for New Years, but this year we decided to just stay in with the boys. Jon got them sparkling apple juice.
I got us sparkling wine.
Bastian fell asleep before midnight, Aleks' first loose tooth finally fell out at about 11:30, Jon couldn't find a streaming ball drop video anywhere, and we missed the countdown. When we saw it was midnight already, we said our "Happy New Year"s and gave each other all kisses. There wasn't much noise outside, which is unusual for our block. Jon and Aleks went on World of Warcraft and watched the fireworks in Thunder Bluff.
They loved it.
I told them they were nerds.
The toothless wonder! He wrote a note to the tooth fairy explaining that he would like for her(?) to give the tooth to his parents (spelled parints) so he could see it in their hands when he called (spelled cold) for it. It was very cute. He cried when he thought she might take it away. I told him he explained it very well and I'm sure she'd honor his request.


Rebecca said...

Congrats on the tooth! My son was an early tooth-loser and at the age of 4 (!) could not bear to part with any of his teeth. We still write notes to the tooth fairy (I think he only has one little kid tooth left -- I've lost track) to make sure she/he remembers to leave the tooth along with the money.

And Happy New Year!

anna kiss said...

Do you keep the notes? What does he do with the teeth? I have a box of my children's body parts. I'm going to have to start separating them. I can't tell the umbilical stumps apart anymore...

Happy New Year to you!

Melissa said...

We're not at the tooth losing stage yet, but I was excited to see your comment about saving the umbilical stumps. My friend thought I was out. of. my. mind. when she saw that I had kept the ones from my girls.