Monday, January 18, 2010

Blank Blank Games

My children seem to believe that they can type anything they like followed by the word "games" into Google and they will automatically find lots of homemade internet video games to play. Today when I heard Sebastian telling Aleks to "type 'Sloth Bear Games,'" I tried to assure them this was a baseless assumption to be getting on with. Apparently, I am wrong though. There is a sloth bear game on the internet, it's just that it's a quiz and not a game where sloth bear icons find their way through mazes or attack random groups of zoologists and/or circus ringmasters with laser guns or something.

Then Natty and I had to Google sloth bears just to find out what the heck they were and if they were real. They are real and they are weird.


Alana said...

That is just so weird and it. I adore sloth bears and sun bears..who are even stranger looking. Sun bears and tigers are often in my dreams.

Not A Crime said...

That's funny, I dream of spectacled bears