Monday, August 31, 2009

We Visit Museums in Hour-long Intervals

Often after one of our several thousand scheduled excursions - like speech therapy, for instance - we'll take a trip to a park or a museum to spend some time making me feel like I'm doing a good job as a parent and ensuring that we make good use of the money we spent on those memberships.

Some Thursday in August (and again, I'm dating this post August 31st, just to piss everyone off) we went to the Natural History Museum to see if I could quite forgive them for housing terrible crap like the Surviving: Body of Evidence Exhibit (coming soon to a museum near you). Truthfully - as an aside - it's been the only exhibit which I've taken issue with. We ignored the exhibit hall and wandered around looking at animals and bones and playing with the coin vortex:

There was a nice exhibit on the animals of the Galapagos islands with a little bit about Darwin. The kids performed a puppet show for me:
Then we put on Booby Bird Costumes.

And did a booby dance before security guards kicked us out:

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