Friday, July 31, 2009

Harry Potter Art Day: Wizarding School: Potions

We decided to make Art Day Harry Potter themed in honor of the new movie and because the moms in the group love Harry Potter (and the kids a little bit too). So we had Wizard School and did a potions class. First, we tried out baking soda and vinegar together with a bit of food coloring, but the children were underwhelmed. I guess they just see us clean often enough that it's no big deal. The reactions were too quick to get photos of too. Or I was too busy hovering and over-explaining in my control-freakish way.
Then we mixed some corn starch and food coloring and water, which only Bastian played much with.
Finally, everyone was thoroughly impressed with the slime recipe.
1 qt. of water

1/4 cup Borax

1 Cup Elmer's glue

1 Cup water

In 2 separate containers: Disolve the Borax in 1 qt. water. Dissolve the glue in 1 Cup water.

Mix 2T Borax solution with 6 T glue solution. (Any 1:3 amount will work, of course.)

If you want to make different colors, add food coloring to the glue mixture. You can save this in a baggie.

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