Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Saskatoon is in the Room!

From my Feedjit Live Traffic Feed:
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan arrived on "sugar boot and weasel"

Welcome! Forgive my inane Soul Coughing reference and arbitrary shout-out.


Chantel said...

Hey! You shouting out to little old me in Saskatoon, or do you have a huge following up north?!

I had to google Soul Coughing. Can't believe I've never heard that song!

anna kiss said...

Must be you! It's a small lyric in a complex song, but apparently it's stuck with me for the last fifteen years. Heck, I've known that lyric longer than I've known my husband.

The story behind the song is that the lead singer, M. Doughty, was on LSD in Chicago, wandering around, and started pointing to things that were of Chicago and that were not of Chicago. So he'd point to a fire hydrant and say, "is Chicago," then point to himself and say, "is not Chicago."

Which always amused me because once on a school trip to Chicago, while in the Museum of Science and Industry I forgot where we were (due to sleep deprivation, not drugs) and had trouble saying "Chicago." Strange things about that town.

Kat said...

Hey -
I did a quick over look of your blog and couldn't find your email address anywhere. Maybe I'm just missing it...
I have a non-personal question for you, if you find a second.