Friday, June 5, 2009

CSA Season Begins!!!

City Fresh kicked off its season even though it doesn't quite feel like summer yet to me. This year, we're volunteering right off the bat as opposed to last year where we just started helping out when we'd be hanging around for hours on end socializing. And by we, you can assume that I mean that I volunteer whilst the children run about with the other children of locavores.Our fearless leader, Lotte, writes receipts for folks paying for next week.
Tracie and Mike werkin' hard at organizing veggies.
Henry the librarian has all sorts of plans for activities with kids and food demos. This week he hosted story time. My children even listened! Sorta.
It will be another summer of countless veggie pictures.
These are handy since I'm now creating a brochure for our Fresh Stop.
Basil - Aleks' favorite. He's just like my sister Lillian was when she was little: his favorite food is basil pesto on pasta.
Onion stems.
Aleks took our library videos in to return them and decided to sign up for the summer reading program. He didn't get a chance as the librarian was busy with another patron, but he wrote "Aleks" on a random sheet of paper and placed it in the summer reading box. I promised we'd do an official sign-up next week. Which is all very exciting because Aleks is now reading! Not a lot, but enough. It's very, very much a relief for all my nagging doubts.
The full Family Share for the week: bok choy, mixed greens, onions, romaine, spinach, basil, maple syrup, thyme, and cilantro. Small at first, but it grows and grows...


Brian said...

We're still on the wait list for at least another week until output increases. Bugger.

anna kiss said...

Too bad for you! :p

Julie said...

Our farmer's market's start this saturday, I can't wait!

Love the bright white of the leeks, and the veins in that leaf!

katethgreat said...

im gonna have to start volunteering again.. do ya think you need the help?

anna kiss said...

We need help mostly at distribution, which will be moving to Trinity as of the 23rd. I'd like to co-op childcare perhaps in order to do it. Would you be interested in that?