Friday, May 29, 2009

Bastian Officially Turns Four

For Bastian's actual birthday, I made brownies (with a powdered sugar S) to take to Lego club in the afternoon. Much to our surprise, there were presents at Lego club!
Donna sewed Bastian a bag to pack full of crap for when we go to Grandma's house (or when we go to the library or the bank or anywhere, I'm sure). It has robots on it. He liked it very much. Mari and Ian gave him a dinosaur creativity set, which he and Aleks broke into as soon as we got home.
I brought beads and ribbon to make either bookmarks or strands of beads since Bastian seemed to enjoy beading so much before.
He worked very hard.
Later, Mari broke out paints and pieces of slate. We painted pictures of Bag End. Except for Bastian who painted his entire slate green.

After Lego Club, we had junk food for dinner, then picked up Papa to go see Up. Bastian kicked people's seats, nursed a bit, didn't pay hardly any attention at all to the movie, and at one point even crawled under the seats. Papa thought the movie was a terrible idea. He liked it anyway though, as did Aleks and I. Bastian was only taken in by the most exciting bits. He's a little young for movies, yet, I guess. I've taken both children by myself to movies and it is indeed difficult and frustrating, but I usually go during matinees where they can run in the aisles rather than opening night on the weekend. At least Papa can marvel at my dedication now.

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sunnymama said...

A happy fourth birthday to Bastian! He got some lovely presents. I especially like the brownies you made. The S is so cool :)