Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Art Day Zoo

Since the weather was lovely, we played outside and the kids built a zoo on the sidewalk. The zombies shared a cage with the big cats. A wizard had placed a spell on them to make them not eat anyone. There was a Cerberus at the zoo.
And a Native American on horseback, for some reason. Which sounds terrible, to me.
There was also an Elf riding a Dragon. Why these things are in a zoo, is beyond me. Perhaps, though, it was a nice, collective with appropriate boarding rather than a zoo. These are unschooled children, after all - what do they know about being institutionalized?
Later, Aleks finally succeeded in hypnotizing Ivy. She became a lion for the rest of the afternoon, even drinking water from a dish, which is why her mane is all wet here.
Aleks became a lion too. Turns out the zoo was both in my yard and on the sidewalk.

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Anonymous said...

I think we saw the dragon riding elf on our last trip to the zoo...

alright, never mind. this zoo is a thousand times cooler. :-)