Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pajama Party

Since we exist on a different schedule than many in America, I'm often wary about visitors and the possibility of a perceived laziness amongst us. This is, of course, a ludicrous insecurity, but there it is nonetheless: in my head, sitting, stewing, guilting. My parents are all early to bed and early to rise, which has never been me. I have been a nightowl all my life. I married a nightowl (with an inability to fall asleep, no less) and we bred two nightowls. We stay up late and sleep late. This can be awkward making when your guests are up at what feels like the crack of dawn, waiting for you to be alive and mobile.

The first day of Fairy Godmother's visit I was able to find new perspective on this conundrum by explaining our lives thusly: we live every day like we're on vacation. This was a handy revelation. Since our guest is on vacation, our late waking wasn't a problem at all. Also though this reframes the truth about what we're trying to do in this life: we're working to live rather than living to work. As much as we become insanely busy with activities and grow overwhelmed with responsibilities now and again, we're not particularly interested in tying our lives to things that don't feed us in one way or another. We're insanely busy with things that matter, that make a life worth living, and we sleep in every day because sleeping in feels good. In some ways, it is a luxury to live this life. It is certainly a privilege. It's also a choice we've been able to make and it is so worth it.

Fairy Godmother Peggy (as a child I called her and Bastian now calls her Peddy) fit right in, leisurely drinking coffee in the mornings, taking awhile to get going, and playing with the boys still in PJs.

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