Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Chicks, Birthdays

Things have been far too hectic lately, but I took photos along the way. Here are some of the boys with their chickens at the grandparent's house on Easter Sunday. Bastian would very badly like to bring the chickens (his "birds") home to our house or, barring that, to get a new house that we might be able to actually do so. Neither of those options are currently on the table, thus the chickens are being fed and cared for instead by Grandpa Jim as we intended. We will visit them again, however, at the end of May for Bastian's birthday.

The boys also wore tattoos all over their bodies which came in their Easter baskets. We had a big birthday party the night before in honor of my 30th birthday (see photos below), so Easter was a relatively low-key affair, which is just as well as none of us are at all religious. Mostly we just like traditions and meals together and chocolate.

The boys had an excellent, excellent time at the 30th birthday party my parents threw for me. They were so stoked to get to go to a grown-up party and shake their booties. I went to many as a kid, but haven't had the appropriate venues for the boys much.

Heather and Aleks (note stoked face):
Servin' up cake.
Babies like cake.
The gang: Steve, Heather, Anna, Jay, anna kiss, Jon - all in one photo and smiling, an unusual occurrence.
Jay helped Aleks DJ a bit. He sang "Happy Birthday" over the microphone too.
Aleks approves of Gogol Bordello.


Lynnie said...

Happy 30th! My 30s have absolutely rocked so far! Hope the same is true for you!

Lynnie said...

Oh, and cute pics of the kids with chicks! We have 75 chicks outside (I know, we have NO self-control) but they've reached that gangly stage where they're all legs and huge feet that scratch. I miss the little fluffball stage. We very well may order more.

Julie said...

The chicks are sooo cute! That's neat that your able to have them somewhere else at least.

Happy birthday! Looks like a fun time. It's hard sometimes to mix adult parties with kids. Whenever we get invited nowadays, we're usually the only ones who bring our kids, and we're of the small percentage who even have kids even though we're 37 & 38.