Sunday, February 22, 2009

Terrible Cold

Aleks, Papa, and I ended up with a terrible cold that at first I thought was the flu, due to Aleks' fever and my own achiness and misery. To try to help everyone out (including Bastian, who seemed to have had a rather mild version of it prior to the rest of us), I made cold and sore throat teas and gave the boys a tea party. Bastian liked it and drank all his tea with honey, sugar, and cream. Lots of cream. In fact, he drained my half-and-half supply which I use in my coffee.
Aleks missed the tea party, though I really tried to get him to join in, because he fell asleep inside the lambs wool on the dining room floor.
I thought that, being sick, this would mean he'd still go to sleep okay that night. No such luck. It seemed the nap just helped him feel better. Then the fever really set in and we had to miss both speech therapy and his yearly cleft clinic visit, which is rescheduled for the 19th of March. That was a disappointment, but there wasn't much to do about it.

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Lillian said...

When I am sick I never seem to get rest at night. It always seems to be the worst at night.