Sunday, February 8, 2009

Monday Morning Photo Shoot

I borrowed a friend's fancypants camera for a shoot I had. I also kept it around for a few extra hours to take pictures of the boys, in part hoping that I would realize that what I manage with my point-and-shoot is quite nice enough. I was wrong. I still am aching tremendously for a fancypants camera I cannot afford nor justify being in debt for. In the meantime, I got nice photos of the boys...Wrestling, as they are quite apt to do.
The hearts I made for Valentine's Day, hanging in the dining room window with all the other window crafts.

I got the boys painting to put them in a natural state in which I might take photos. Bastian covered the whole of his paper, quite intently, in lovely autumnal shades.
Aleks made usual Aleks faces.


Lynnie said...

I hate seeing people out with fancy cameras. I mean, I'm happy for them. But I would LOVE to have a nice camera. Instead, I keep buying cheap ones that stop working in less than a year. The pictures are lovely!

Erin said...

I too yearn for a fancy camera that I can use to catch amazing details, but I'm happy to have my little point and shoot Canon Elph for now.

The photos are so cute and the wrestling one reminds me of my normal every day life. Boys.. sigh. :)