Friday, February 13, 2009

Lego Club Fridays

This week at Lego Club, we brought Bastian with us for the first time. It was also Ivy's birthday, so there was a little bit of a party. We spent the morning (also known as afternoon for early risers) making her a paper crane mobile that said "Happy 6th Birthday Ivy!" I folded the cranes and put it all together and Aleks copied the words onto little bits of marbled construction paper. We used novelty yarn that is really a strange ribbon and a chopstick for the rest. I used super glue to attach the yarn to the cranes because we were in a hurry. I got a bit on my fingers too, but it didn't last and I didn't get stuck to anything like Grandpa Jim did on Christmas morning.

Ivy's mother brought paper balloons and taketombo for all the kids. We had a great deal of fun figuring out how to use them. Then it was Lego playing, battles with vacuum cleaner parts and our friend Ian's assorted duct tape inventions, and the creation of many marble runs. Most of the kids were much older than Aleks and all were older than Bastian, but they managed to play nicely nonetheless. It's always fun to hang out with lots of other real-life unschooling families. They are so much more flawed and interesting and easy to be around than much of the ideologues represented on internet forums, I find.

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