Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cleaning out the Silverware Drawer

What does one do with all those plastic forks that come with things when you weren't expecting them and didn't want them and now you can't recycle them and the world is full to overflowing with crap like that in kitchen drawers of offices? First, get some duct tape.Then measure your child's head with it and tape up your bits, broken in half.
Get the kids to join in.
Listen to them 'splain at you.
Add gold craft paint (it doesn't stick very well, but we'll fix that later on).
Get out the glue gun. Add jewely things and glitter.
Add more glitter. Allow to dry.
Admire your child's duct tape bracelet.
Affix ends, place on head.


Julie said...

that's so cool!

The Stewart's said...


3 veehills said...

ooohhh...i like this idea!

Lynnie said...

That's totally brilliant. I think I will clean out all my drawers and make apparel out of anything extra I find!