Thursday, December 11, 2008

Potential Things to do for Christmas Countdown

Rachel mentioned in a comment that she was wondering what all to do for this Christmas Countdown thing. I stole simple ideas from all over. I'd cite, but these are from several places - message boards, other blogs, etc. I've already linked the blogs in my first post about this. So, some ideas if you wanna do this too (from here on out or next year, even). I picked and chose from this list and maybe added a couple of things of my own:
Make paper snowflakes and decorate the windows

Buy a gift for a family in need via World Vision {we chose Heifer International as it’s secular}

Paint everyone’s toenails

Buy a toy to take to toy donation site.

Pick some puppets and mum will make up a bedtime story

Pick out a really nice Christmas tree (but don’t squish any elves that may be hiding in the branches!)

Decorate the tree and drink eggnog

Go tobogganing

Go to a city lights festival {they have these everywhere}

It’s family game night!

Make a paper chain for the tree

Dance and sing to Christmas music

Candlelit bubble bath

Make Christmas cards for family and friends

Is the sky clear? Get out the telescope for some star gazing, if not, go for a nighttime walk with your lanterns.

Let’s go ice skating today!

Bake a batch of Christmas cookies.

Bake another batch of Christmas cookies and share with neighbors.

Fancy dress for dinnertime

Make a list of ten things you are thankful for. Hang it where you can see it every day.

Make and hang edible gifts for the birds and squirrels.

Watch a Christmas movie in the fold out bed!

Breakfast in bed!

Check out the Christmas lights downtown. Don’t forget the hot chocolate!

Unwrap one present after dinner (mum and dad get to pick which one)

It’s Christmas Day. Remember you have a family who loves you. And that’s the most important gift of all.

Make a snowman. (weather dependent)

Watch "Stranger in the Woods".

Read a Solstice Book.

Make popcorn strands for the tree.

Make cinnamon/applesauce ornaments with cookie cutters

Make a tin can lantern (for those old enough)- Fill a clean empty can with water and freeze it. Punch holes with a hammer and nails to create a pattern or design. Melt ice and put in a votive candle.

Drive to see a neighborhood full of lights.

Do a puzzle together.

Look at christmas cards together and talk about the family/friends who sent them.

Make a "snack tree". Hang treats for the kids to eat on a small decorated branch in a pot.

Go to a school holiday performance.

Listen to holiday music and set up a nature table for the season.

Go on a walk and find "treasures" to add to your nature table.

Decorate outside (Trees, porch, front door).

Make mulled apple cider together.

Play along to holiday music with homemade instruments. Make some if the kids want to.

Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with the reading of the various legends, and putting out our shoes the night before (December 5th). They are filled with the traditional coins (chocolate), fruit, nuts, and a small trinket gift.

Make a paper chain with the various weeks being purple and pink, respectively, and a star at the end.

We also feed the animals during a walk on Solstice and again on Christmas Eve when we get home from all the festivities.

Go see and participate in the group Handel's "Messiah" at a church.

Trip to the zoo or the Natural History museum.

Visit Candyland.

Let each child pick out a special ornament that gets their name and date on it, you could make those as well.

Begin decorating the house

Go ice skating

Put up outside lights and sing Christmas carols.

Church & Sunday dinner lighting the advent wreath and putting up the nativity

Sleigh ride

Go to Christmas party at nursing home

Fill a shoe box with gifts for soldiers or overseas children.

Go to the Christmas tree farm to cut our tree

Take a drive to look at Christmas lights

Go sledding

Wrap presents

Make chocolates for gifts

Take a walk singing Christmas carols.

Bake more cookies, candies, and breads.

Last minute Christmas shopping.

Christmas play at church followed by extravagant shrimp buffet at home.

Have breakfast with Santa {lots of places do these}

Watch "A Christmas Story".

Make ginger bread houses.

Visit a live nativity scene.


Rachel said...

Thank you for this list! I've just caught up on your most recent 5 days of activities. How cool that you have a life size Candyland to visit! Sounds like lots of good fun there...we haven't even gotten the tree yet, but I think that's on the agenda for this weekend...

Lynnie said...

Wow! You guys are really making the most of the season! We did an Advent Calendar for the first time this year minus any activities. We just put a felt bird on a branch each night. Even then, I looked up yesterday and discovered that we were 4 days behind and that I had written 6 on two different birds. I can't believe in a previous life I was a teacher!

Chrissy Johnson said...

Inspiring. What an awesome mama you are. :)