Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Letter from Santa

Looking in the mail for more Christmas cards to hang on the wall, we discovered two letters addressed to Aleks. Actually, one just had our address on it, which made the whole thing rather confusing. Come to find two letters from Santa. One was a boring form letter with a bad poem on fancy paper. The other, however, was addressed directly to Aleks and had recreated his dinosaur drawing from his letter to Santa. So that was pretty sweet.At first, I was completely confused about this, but then I remembered that the Post Office has volunteers write letters to kids who write to Santa, so I'm assuming that's what must have happened. Because Aleks wrote about five thousand letters to Santa, he got two back. Also, Aleks is now completely convinced that he will in fact receive a giant robotic dinosaur for Christmas, despite my repeated attempts to try to soften the blow of possibly not getting one.

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