Thursday, December 11, 2008

Decmber 10th

Yet again, Aleks got the envelope out before I'd fully woken up and I had to re-read our activity when I was legitimately awake. There was beginning to be a pile of these on my nightstand until I cleared them off for photographing today. This page has a beautiful glass ornament as its photo.

December 10th read...

We had bought garland and a wreath the same evening as we picked out the tree, but between decorating the tree and watching the last of The Lord of the Rings, we didn't bother to put them up. So I guess it's good that I wasn't sure if there was a separate "decorate the house" envelope or not and was just lazy about it. I do the mantle like this every year, but it's really fancier than ever before, though it's highly likely that no one can tell why (it's the lights).
And with the tree.
I also hang the garland up outside. Our suncatcher finally melted too. We found the ropes in the bush and the lemons in the dirt. Bastian didn't really help with any of the decorating and Aleks mostly served in an advisory capacity, but we did it, at least. And it's lovely, I think.

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