Tuesday, December 16, 2008

December 16th

Aleks forgot about the envelope again this morning, in all likelihood because he only slept about 8 hours last night, which is simply not enough for someone so little. Then he faulted me for forgetting about the envelope. I told him I didn't forget, I just failed to remind him. It was only a little while after we both got up for the day though. Not all was lost at all.

More Christmas catalogs? No, photo spread for stupid women's magazine borrowed from a waiting room somewhere. Unless my mother actually purchased this stupid magazine, in which case, it must have been for the recipes and most certainly not for the fashion taste. Everything looked like it came directly from Talbots: very momish, not at all my style. But it looked warm and Christmasy contrasted with the grass.
I was worried that these activities would start to grow beyond me, having forgotten most of what I wrote. Thankfully, it was not beyond my ability at all.
So I cut up a bunch of fancy paper I got for Christmas cards, but decided not to use into thin little strips using my paper cutter (which I love). At first we tried taping them, but the cardstock was too thick and flippy, so out came the stapler.
Aleks shackled Bastian when I tried to leave them to it on their own.
Bastian could get the paper through, but not quite hold it in place and affix it with the springiness of the fancy paper, so I had to help.
They seemed to enjoy it well enough.
Aleks grew weary of the monotony, so we made a race out of it. Then we affixed the two chains together and used up all the paper I'd cut to make it longer than the serpent we saw at the zoo (Aleks' choice of measurement).
Instead of placing the chain on the tree, which is quite full with all our thrifted goodies, we hung the chain in the dining room, which is not nearly festive enough anyway.

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