Monday, December 15, 2008

December 14th

Again, in my morning stupor, Aleks brought the envelope to me to read. I did manage to at least remember what it said, though I did not recognize the image until I got a better look at it much later on.
This was from some free magazine about going green and depicted two girls getting ready for serious urban farming, but who were likely just models dressed in cutoff jean shorts and bandannas. It was appropriate, I thought when I added the activity, that this particular envelope encase it, purely for dramatic irony, of course. I'm not sure Aleks really understood what it meant when I read it, yawning, aloud.
We figured it out though. It being Sunday, I really just wanted to be in my pajamas all day (as opposed to all those weekdays I sit in my pajamas all day), and aptly, Bastian did not change from his pjs at all, though he did add to them.
Jon didn't really want to cook either, so we had a simple meal of spaghetti and garlic bread. My children have an interesting interpretation on "fancy dress." This was true when we attended our friend Lavinia's fourth birthday party as well. It was a fancy dress tea party, but Aleks insisted that dressing fancy was lame and came as Darth Vader. I wore a pink 1950s prom dress, high black leather boots, and a rhinestone tiara, much to the birthday girl's delight. Again, Aleks thinks fancy could mean anything and wore a sarong and wizard's hat from the costume basket.
I donned a dress, heals, and all the rhinestone jewelry I could find, including the tiara Lavinia so adored. In fact, my boys were quite in awe of it as well and wanted to try it on. We never got the opportunity to though. Aleks wanted it to go in his costume box, but I do treasure it and it's getting a bit shaky. I threw all this together quite quickly as dinner was done sooner than I'd anticipated.
Jon threw on a suit jacket and a cowboy hat, much appreciating the boys' idea of "fancy." I broke out the crystal candelabras and a table cloth, as well as a platter. Normally we just serve straight out of pots as we are lazy and do not wish to wash any more dishes than are necessary. The boys loved this whole concept and we all sat together at the table for some time longer than we ordinarily manage. It may have just been the pesto though. They both love pesto.
We'll have to do this fancy dress thing again. Aleks told me this morning that it was incredibly silly.
Later, when I was doing laundry, still dressed up, I ran into our housemates in the outer hallway. The first, who had seen me wearing the boys' "pink bunny monster costume" the other day (which is in fact a bizarre pink rabbit-fur poncho I found at the thrift store), merely said, "No comment." I then explained that it was fancy dress at dinner night. The second neighbor also giggled at me and I explained again.

They really shoulda seen Bastian though.
After dinner and much laundry, the boys and I made chocolate chip cookies. I think the tiara gives me supermom powers or something.
It must. How else can I explain this ridiculous 1950s housewifey shenanigans?

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Julie said...

I like your boys take on the "dress up" part of it:) I thought about putting that one in our calendar and then thought "the kids aren't going to dress up", but looks like you guys had fun with it!