Monday, November 17, 2008

Sick Days Tea Party

Since Aleks is near comatose and Bastian is on the way to having about as much phlegm as his brother, I needed to get some echinacea in these kids without trekking them out to the grocery for those gummy bear things. My kids don't really drink tea, but I got them to try it with lots of honey and the baby tea set. I also got a secondary tiny tea pot out because I just have those laying around. See that little pink thing there? I got that at the thrift store recently. It was so vintagey and cute, even though I had no idea what we would use it for. Jon objected to the purchase as he thought it was useless, but we have since discovered the perfect purpose. VoilĂ . Soggy tea bag holder.
Bastian did the pouring.
He thought Throat Comfort tea was quite tasty. It's particularly sweet but does comfort your throat quite well.
Aleks preferred the tea in the yellow cup to the tea in the blue cup, but I'm unsure which is which.
He has spent most of the day doing this, however:
He also took another long nap. I hope this doesn't mean more one a.m. shenanigans.


Lune said...

Hey, I love these photos, do you have a flickr page???
Lune x

Linda said...

We are big tea drinkers around here. It *is* so good especially when sick. I love your soggy tea bag holder!

Chrissy Johnson said...

Oh dear oh dear where did you get that super fun tea set?

Chrissy Johnson said...

Well, I should have read the post more thoroughly. You say right in the post...Xander LOVES those echinacea gummies. Try mixing the tea with some apple juice. Xander will drink triple green tea echinacea when it's mixed with juice.

anna kiss said...

I don't have a flickr page, but thank you, Lune!

I'm so thrilled I found that pink thing at the thrift store, Linda. It made me so happy. I got lots of wonderful stuff that trip.

Chrissy - long time! Here's the tea set.

Rachel said...

Oh, man, a house full of sick people...we have that too. Max has had a lingering cold for a really really long time. He has been sick in some form since his birthday in mid-October, as a matter of fact. I think it has actually been a few different things, but it's not fun.

We've been making tea, and although Max is not all that keen on drinking it, he likes to hover over the bowl with a towel over his head to help loosen up the snot (sorry, a bit blunt with the words there, I guess). We've been using a kid's cold comfort tea that seems to do the trick.

We have that same tea set, actually, but we have found that the teapot part is not very good. It dribbles everywhere. Does yours do that? We considered returning it (although now it's 4 years old, so I don't think that's an option hee hee), but I was afraid it was just the general mold of the pot and that they would all be the same. It's still such a cute set, and we use the tea cups on a regular basis (they actually match our every day dishes, which is really funny).

anna kiss said...

Hmmm... Ours doesn't dribble. Maybe if I fill it really high. The spout is super-glued on though. Not sure that hot liquids and superglue are good for drinking, but, uh, well that's what we got. I thought about getting something else, but we have enough bits and pieces laying about we could fix something together quite easily. I have tiny duck cups and saucers from when I was a kid, but only a couple. Then the other tea pot there... I think we're good. Better to mismatch it anyway.

The tea set sorta matches our regular plates too. I have a collection of cheap Fiestaware knockoffs from Target and thrift stores in several variations of blue and green. I'd like some real Feistaware ultimately, but it's almost more fun to scrounge it all!

Snot is not blunt at all. It's normal!

Chrissy Johnson said...

Yes, it has been a long time! Gary and I are moving to Alaska in a week. Yes, you read that right. Thanks for the linktastic!

anna kiss said...

Why on earth are you moving to Alaska? I thought you loved Knoxville! How old is your Alex now?

Chrissy Johnson said...

Oh we do, but I received a job offer in Alaska from my friend's architecture firm and Gary went up a few months ago to check out the tv/film market and turns out they want him up there badly, too. So away we go...