Monday, November 10, 2008

Fall Fun

Jon and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary over the weekend while Bastian and Aleks had their very first overnight at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Aleks had actually stayed once before while we went to a wedding with Baby Bastian in tow, but we had never had a night away from the both of them. It was the first time as parents that we were alone, without kids, together. It was not at all weird for anyone.

Everyone had a great time - Jon and I at a schmancy hotel eating super expensive and delicious food, and the kids at "the farm" (as Jon calls it though it's not quite five acres), playing Scrabble Jr. with Grandma Cat, Grandpa Jim, Papa Logan, and Aunt Natty.

We stayed in a hotel our friend Chris works at on Fountain Square in downtown Cincinnati. Cincy isn't exactly the romantic destination I'd imagine, but we got a deal and it's close (and the grandparents are on the way, handy for the depositing of small children).

There were champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries awaiting us in our room. This is way fancier than I am accustomed to.

We also briefly visited Kentucky, looking to see a movie (and finding there were none worth seeing) and instead enjoying some Irish beer in the mid-afternoon without feeling at all guilty. The real luxury of the whole trip was the absence of pressure to do all the things we must normally do: dishes and laundry and the wiping of noses and tables and bottoms...

When we came back on Sunday to collect the kidlets, we spent some time in the big yard raking leaves into nice big piles for jumping.

Aleks deep in the pile.
Aleks deeper in the pile.
Aleks gone! Showered by an avalanche of leaves!

The video is the best...


becks said...

Happy Anniversary! Jeremy and I read this blog entry together and we are so impressed by your ten years of marriage! Way to go. Sounds like you guys had a nice stress-free time away from the kiddos. Interesting how anything (i.e. Cincy) is romantic when you are free from the daily to do lists. Wishing you guys another ten years of inspiring love.

anna kiss said...

I think you two have actually been together slightly longer than us! We got married after only knowing each other six weeks!

Renald said...

Happy, Happy 10th Anniversary! WOW . . . time sure flies the older I get! I just wanted to wish you both many, many more good years to come and congratulate you on the fine job that you have done raising your babies!
I love you!
Aunt Anna

p.s. Don't ever stop your entries here - I just LOVE them - I have no other way of watching the boys grow!

anna kiss said...

Thanks, Anna! I'm barely keeping up with updating this blog, but I have every intention of continuing it, rest assured!

Rachel said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! Looks like you had fun in your weekend getaway—and fun upon your return to the boys. It's all good. That leaf play looks like so much fun!