Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Day

Waiting for mama to come home to go vote.

On the way...

Bastian playing with an apple he found on the walk, underneath the polling booth.
Afterwards, we played at the Big Park. The day was gorgeous. As it's rained and snowed and sleeted every other election day we have lived here, we took it as a sign.

We stayed up late watching election results. The boys crashed out before the news called it. It has been rare that I have had the opportunity to feel proud of Americans. Having Barack Obama in the White House means that when we tell our children that anyone can be anything they strive to be, we can mean it.


becks said...

I am beyond words. I am thankful that Ohio went back to Blue. I am thrilled to be an American and can't wait for President Obama to take office. Yes, we did!

Kristin said...

Howdy! I enjoyed checking out your blog, your sense of humor, and your interesting life. Ooh -- and the names "sugarboot and weasel." Delicious.

We unschoolers learn and grow like weeds between the cracks, eh? Grateful for your companionship.