Sunday, November 16, 2008

Aleks' First Sleepover

While Aleks and Bastian both just stayed at Grandma and Grandpa's house last weekend alone without us, neither boy has really ever stayed the night at a friend's house without us. Aleks went to stay at Jonas' house on Friday. I'm not entirely certain it counts as Jon and I stuck around long after the boys were asleep (including Bastian who was coming home with us!), but he did it. Totally without us.

He was all set too. He packed his backpack (which he was confused about when I referred to it as a "bookbag" - he didn't know what that meant!), dressed himself, and asked us every few minutes how soon we were going over. He donned his jack-o-lantern Obama button, which I'd placed over the "Thomas and Friends" on his hand-me-down backpack (not bookbag).

I was worried about him being afraid during the night, but he refused to take any precautions. I was telling him that he could go sleep in the mommy's bed if he got scared, or that maybe he should take a pillow from home that smelled like him and us, and he was all, "I won't get scared mom. I'll just share Jonas' pillow. It's fine. We did it at camp!" He's all "duh, mom!" about it. lordisa. I guess I'm glad he's so freaking fearless.

He certainly didn't get much sleep. He fell asleep last, around one a.m. and woke up with Jonas and Lavinia at "the crack of dawn." I'm not sure what precise time "crack of dawn" refers to as Anna stayed up til the wee hours of the morning with Jon and I watching Jon's history of Rock n' Roll YouTube lesson, so anytime in the a.m. would have felt too early, necessitating such a description. Aleks therefor fell asleep on the ride back home...
I had big plans to take the whole family to the Join the Impact Protest of Proposition 8, but the weather was miserable. By miserable, I mean near-freezing horizontal rain flooding in from the lake on huge gusts of wind that turned many, many umbrellas inside out. Instead, Jon and Bastian dropped me off downtown while they went off to reclaim Aleks.
The only negative of me standing there alone was that my sign didn't make much sense.

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