Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More veggies, more kale, yum, kale...

I've taken to doing a table at City Fresh to try to sell canvas bags to locals who forget their's. It's not working out so well. I'm a terrible salesperson. Bastian sat in my chair, shivering and eating his granola bar.
Coffeehouse Dude who's name I always forget collecting his half share (and perhaps Ms. Dallas' as well - she bought cleaning products from me at least!).
This week's load included the usual assortment of lovely vegetables, the boys running amok, me helping out as a volunteer since I wasn't busy selling anything of my own, and heading quickly into the library while Jenny watched the kids to exchange the videos...

Aleks and Bastian got our share for me. A volunteer tried to help tell them how much to get of each item and I sort of shouted instructions. After the squash and peppers, Aleks gave up and took off. Bastian finished up on his own.

Bastian walked home with Papa while Aleks and I stayed long after dark, loading all the empty crates, tables, and leftovers into the vehicles of volunteers. Just like we've been doing every week, more and more.

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