Saturday, October 4, 2008

Jonas' Birthday Party

To wrap the awesome Indiana Jones Temple Lego thing we bought for Jonas, Aleks drew pictures of Bakugan and other assorted monsters on some packing paper (much like Butcher paper, but free when you buy things made of glass at stores like Crate & Barrel). There's a dinosaur, a devil, some aliens, an alien astronaut floating along on his wire, a dragon, perhaps some demons, and that definitely looks like a spaceship.
Then we folded it up real nicely around the package. Aleks asked how I learned to wrap presents so well. I told him I practiced. Which is true.
Of course, as soon as we get to the party (not quite two hours late as Anna had predicted the night before), the boys all help Jonas build all his assorted Lego sets.
I'm not even sure what he thought of the Indiana Jones temple. Since they were all so busy, I left them alone.
After chatting it up with lots of nice grown-ups I like a lot and talking with Kristin about Sleater Kinney's completely wicked CCR cover, it was time for cake. Everyone gathered around the boys playing Lego in the living room to sing. Anna stood in the kitchen, waiting for Jonas to be ready. He was sorta busy and a little nervous about all the attention.
This is Jonas waiting for his cake. He was not so sure about everyone singing to him. That sorta thing tends to irritate him. Too much noise and whatnot.
Lavinia and others mostly blew out the candles. Jonas got one good breath in just after they were all out. Pretty sure the wish belongs to him at least. Yippie for 7!
Who wants cake?
I got Jonas to smile with his cupcake, which is a rare thing. They were delicious. And gluten-free, I think...
Here he is back to his normal face.
Bastian scarfed down a couple of cupcakes. I think he thought I would take it from him as he was hiding from me while I took his picture. He also got this new awesome skeleton shirt the day before. I love when the Halooween stuff comes out in the stores.

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