Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aleks' Goosebumps books

Our library had a collection of new graphic books for the younger set, so I picked out several, including some Goosebumps books because Aleks really likes the Goosebumps novels and movies. He's been having us read them at bedtime quite a bit and really likes the stories he remembers from the dvds as well as the books. After having them around for a few weeks, he decided to make his own. He had me staple paper together and write the words for him.
This is from a story called The Human-Eating Tomatoes.
I love his titles. The second story was The Curse of the Midnight Walking Scarecrows.
The first page of The Goblin of Doom had a child and parent driving in a car and the kid says, "Boring!" I think it was intended to be pronounced as Aleks does (which he learned from some horrible Cartoon Network show, I'm sure), "BOR-RING!" With the split emphasis and sing-songy tone. The second page cracks me up because of this tone that was set. The "Oh great! A goblin!" sounds so blithe and annoyed in my head, as though the goblin were treated with total nonchalance and irritation.
He made one book for his dad and one for Jonas, which he stuck in an envelope and then decorated. The crossed out girl in the center top is Lavinia, I think and I'm pretty sure it means "don't give to Lavinia."

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