Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Library/City Fresh

As every Tuesday, we traveled to Coventry Peace Park to pick up our farm share and visit the library and visit with our friends. We decided to stay the whole day as we went to the Food Co-op first for our other groceries, dropped them off at home, then headed to the library, then picked up our vegetables and waited for our friends to come. Usually there are a couple of women who bring their children with them who the kids play with, but most of the children were home sick. Jenny and Reilly come at the end because Jenny volunteers for City Fresh by collecting and typing their spreadsheet each week, so we waited a long time for them to come. Knowing this was the case, I packed peanut butter and jelly.
We sat down on some rocks and read one of our library books while we waited. It was a gardening alphabet book. I thought we'd look for some of the same fruits and vegetables we were getting in our half-share in the book. None of the words had anything to do with specific plants, but the pictures had plenty of fruits and veggies in them.
We got apples.
And peaches, which I helped moved from crate to bucket so the crates could go back to the farm, and which my children ate several of while they ran about with the children of the other volunteers. While moving the peaches, one of the organizers talked to me about helping the Food Co-op out as it is struggling. I serve on the board of the Food Co-op. I passed the information on at our board meeting and our produce manager is going to contact the gentleman. It was a nice connection to make. If I were staying in this city, I'd be more committed to making change. As it is, I'm leaving in a year and focused on other things...
There were watermelons, whose insides are yellow, extremely seedy, and delicious.
Eggplants which we turned into vegetable fajitas.
Along with the onion and green bell pepper...
The Kale is always my favorite. I love kale so much. It so wonderful fried in olive oil with garlic and I put it raw into smoothies for the boys. A friend's elbow was bothering her. We said - eat lots of kale! It's anti-inflammatory and a powerful anti-oxidant. It also helps prevent Rheumatoid Arthritis, promotes lung health, and helps cells in their detoxifying and cleansing processes. It's also good drizzled in oil and vinegar and eaten raw as a salad.
Beets. Which I'm so sick of.
The boys ran and ran with all the other boys.


Rachel said...

what'd I miss? where are you going that you are leaving your town?

anna kiss said...

I guess I haven't mentioned it really at all, but my husband is in his last year of his PhD, working on his dissertation. Unless he miraculously ends up with a job or post-doc here (which is doubtful), we're off to the next town in a year. In fact, a year from now, we'll be moved and settling into wherever we are. It'll be hard to leave Cleveland - we have an incredible community here and have made great friends.

We always knew this was what was to be, but it's closer now than ever before. The coming school year is sure to be stressful too as Jon finishes his dissertation and tries to find a job or post-doc fellowship. It's a lot of applications that are due in a couple of months.