Sunday, August 24, 2008

Children's Botanical Garden

We visited the Botanical Gardens to get out of the house for a bit (and to make that membership worth it!). First they ran straight for the coy pond and gazed at the fish.
Then they ran amok for a good half hour with other kids, climbing rocks and acting like zombies and monsters. I sat and read Harry Potter. In the vegetable patch, there was giant pumpkin. I don't know what they did to get it so big. I want to carve it for Halloween (when we will be having a second Harry Potter party at Anna's request).
Bastian gets close to demonstrate for the camera how very large this jack-o-lantern potential is.
There's a little house in the garden for playing in whose roof is filled with plants. Bastian loves it, as though a little house were so novel (admittedly, we do not have one of our own).
He poked his head out of all the windows
and pulled the shutters closed. I guess he wanted to be alone.
Back in the vegetable patch, he insisted on shutting the gate as well (a very Benjamin Rabbit sort of gate, I might point out).
The garden was full of a bagillion plants. I wish I had a team of landscape experts to work in my yard.I find I like taking close up photos of plants. They are so lovely. Apparently marigolds are excellent for companion gardening as the deter some pests. I remember the one year my step-father found old packages of them and planted tons all along the garden's edge. Now it all makes so much sene.

Bastian filling up a watering can, which he used to water the sand.
The lady working there recommended (several times) that he water plants instead of sand. So he did.
Barbara Kingsolver talks about the five-colored swiss chard she grows in her book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. She claims her children would have blindfolded taste-tests to see if the colors tasted different. She claims that this is what happens when you don't have m&ms in the house, though in my experience, I've not seen evidence to support this claim. Thus, I think she's full of it. We were able to take a couple stems of this home and have it for dinner. I did not notice a difference in taste between the orange and the magenta, but it did taste quite good - much like spinach.
In the critter box were three giant fat Tomato Hornworms.
One of these can eat an entire tomato plant. They're kinda creepy.
The kids liked it, as they like all bugs.
On the way out, Aleks requested change to throw in the fountain. I don't believe either of them had ever done this before.
Aleks whispered to his penny (so Bastian did the same), telling it his wish before throwing it in.
And there the wishes sit. I wonder who grants them, what force that might be.

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