Friday, July 18, 2008

Gido Visits

The boys' Gido came from California to visit overnight after his annual golf outing with his brothers. Somehow I missed taking any photos of the day. First Gido and Papa showed each other photos of various trips. Then we went to buy Aleks Lego at Target because he suggested it. He got the Mountain Troll set he's been wanting for awhile plus one of those needle things that you can make forms in - faces and hands (no idea what it's actually called). Bastian got a collection of animals - a lion, a chimp, an elephant, a mama and cub white Bengal Tiger, and a baby panda bear. Weird assortment, but whatever.

Then we went to the istore so Gido could get his new iphone 3G to work. That was ridiculous. Jon took Aleks to a sporting goods store to buy a mitt and ball. Ever since the game last Friday when he almost got hit in the head with a batting practice ball, he's been wanting to return to his boyhood dream of playing baseball. So Uncle Paul got Aleks a mitt and ball and now Papa has a mitt and ball.

We played catch in the front yard for awhile in the late afternoon heat. I didn't realize what a girly girl I am. Jon's pitches terrified me. I moved my whole body away from the ball as I left my hand in place to catch. It seemed to work well enough. I didn't realize either how scary baseball is. Those balls are hard! Aleks joined Papa and Gido playing catch for a bit before he got thirsty and had to inside to drink water.

This morning, Papa made a big breakfast for everyone and Gido took pictures of the whole family on the couch. Then he showed them to the boys and said goodbye. We'll see him again in a year, I suppose.

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