Tuesday, July 15, 2008

City Fresh Tuesdays

For several weeks now, every Tuesday we venture up to the library for City Fresh, our CSA. The boys now know a lot of the other kids up there and because it's at the park outside the library, it's become a bit of an event. We get to return our library books and videos and get new ones, pick up our vegetables, play with the other kids at the park, then we head back down the street, the wagon now full to nearly overflowing (thank lordisa the way back is downhill!), and stop in Vidstar for Tuesday free kids movies.

Bastian always insists on climbing the mulberry tree, which he makes me lift him into as soon we get there. I have to keep remembering to put him in dark clothes so the berries don't stain everything.This week there were sweet onions, basil, red potatoes, red cabbage, kale, yellow squash, zucchini, beets, dill, green beans, bib lettuce, green onions, and blackberries.
Bastian ate almost all the blackberries himself.
Aleks' recent fascination in Bakugan first caused him to look online at Bakugan toys and request that we buy the entire card collection and game board for him. We, ahem, declined. So recently he started drawing his own cards. He made the first six Tuesday morning and took them with him to show the other boys at City Fresh. I'm not sure the others understood at all what he was talking about, but I still think it's completely great that he's had the initiative to just do it himself. It's always nice when the creativity takes off. Waiting for it amidst the media consumption is difficult, though. I seem to be the only mother comfortable with letting the boys disappear behind these bushes while we wait in line for our vegetables. The end of the path comes out by the basement door to the library, which is right where I can see it and there doesn't seem to be anywhere else to escape to in that direction, so in my mind, I prefer it. Especially since Aleks later disappeared entirely for a few terrifying minutes. He just runs off... I'm so afraid that Bastian will do the same soon.
After veggies, all the kids went to the Dreaded Big Park, where Bastian was eaten alive by a dragon.

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