Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Caught in the Rain

I saw that it was supposed to rain, but Jon was encouraging us to get going on our outing to Vidstar, the library, and City Fresh. I think he thought we'd drive, but it's way too close by to justify that. So I headed out with the wagon, thinking that we'd make it to the library and stay inside until the rain passed. We did make it to the library where the kids started playing with a bunch of other kids there for City Fresh too.

We all headed outside at four o'clock when the shares were available. The kids ran around playing while the mamas chatted and waited in line for their shares. I gathered up our stuff and seemed to be the only one doing so with rapidity, but I was the only one who had to walk home with a wagon full of library books, two kids, and two bags of vegetables. I eyed the threatening storm while I explained that we were unschoolers to a homeschooling mom and told another mom about our local AP message board. I waited for the wind to pick up, knowing that would be the final warning.

The sky continued to grow darker and the clouds were moving fast, but the wind still hadn't changed. I got the kids in the wagon anyway, disappointing them tremendously, but trying to console them with promises of videos at Vidstar. We made it to the video store just in time, but it didn't look like the rain would let up much at all. We got our videos and just as the rain lessened a bit, we made a run down the sidewalk, under the awnings to Tommy's for a (very) late lunch. I thought maybe there we could wait out the storm. After our snack was finished, the rain seemed to have slowed a lot, so we decided to risk it. Unfortunately, it did not end well. The storm came back before I was even halfway home. I was running down the sidewalk, leaping puddles, pulling the wagon behind me, the boys getting wet and trying to cover the library books with my purse at my urging (they faired quite well). I hid in an open garage near the street and called Jon. He couldn't come get us because the wagon wouldn't fit in the car, though. So I ran back out in the rain, which got harder and harder. Jon came and met me at one point, pulling the wagon while I ruined my leather sandals running through puddles that had grown past a reasonable measure and trying to shield the boys and the books with the umbrella he brought.

We got home soaked:

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