Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bastian's Chicken Pox

Bastian came down with pox yesterday. At first, it was just a red spot next to his mouth, which looked like normal irritation from eating cinnamon or constant licking, only redder and broken open a bit. I looked at it closely, but decided it couldn't be pox. Lavinia had just contracted them as well, so I knew he was exposed, but he had been exposed several times already and had yet to come down with them despite sleeping in the same bed while his brother had them a number of weeks ago.

Then later I spied a bunch of red dots on his back while nursing him to sleep. The clincher were the two large red spots along his waistline where his belly folds and his pants hit. Sure enough, all the big spots and several of the tiny ones started breaking open or turning into blisters this morning. Poor kid. Mostly they seem to hurt.I stuck him in the bathtub to douse him with my oatmeal water.
The biggest, grossest boil on his shoulder. They don't seem to itch, but he does pinch them, as though to rub away the hurt.
Bucket of oatmeal bath with cheesecloth for the spreading. I've left him naked all day to keep them aired out and let the oatmeal dry on. He seems to enjoy soaking te cheesecloth and rubbing it on himself after I've done with my own dousing.

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Jessica said...

Oh, the chicken pox break outs! I have been through that. Karley broke out twice (never vacc). The only thing I can say is a few of Karley's bigger blisters did scar, but not bad. I hope you made it through it all ok, and with your sanity in tact!