Thursday, June 26, 2008

Unschoolers Night Out

Our local Unschooling Group (they who created the Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering) has a monthly Parents' Night Out at a Borders book store. I usually just go by myself, but decided that since the kids were stuck inside all day while I cleaned and Jon needed a lot of time to himself to write, it made sense to take them. Most of the kids that go are older and can be left unattended without running screaming through the store (well, mostly), but I knew the boys would like it.

Aleks and Bastian got a fancy hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream, white chocolate shavings, a chocolate chunk, and chocolate drizzle. It's insane. They love it. Aleks looked at a book about Egypt, which he seems to seek out wherever we go these days - he claims his fascination is only in mummies, but he doesn't neglect to pay attention to related items or pontificate about them. Bastian loves those books with buttons on them, not so much for their content as for the fun button-pushing and noise-making. I refuse to own one of those. They generally did pretty well in the store, though they did cluck like chickens and act super goofy, as they are prone to do these days. The older kids who haven't spent lots of time with them yet thought they were weird. Maybe something about being ten years old that causes that, but the other girls whose families we know really well weren't phased by the craziness of my sons. I think they think they're kooky too, but remain indifferent to it, mainly.

We didn't stay too late and we didn't buy anything, but we enjoyed a relaxed evening just spending a bit of time with other families.


Anonymous said...

My son who is five and half is totally obsessed w/egypt, it cracks me up, he really really wants to go there (ha ha ha, that is not happening anytime soon...) haba has some really cool pyramid blocks we got him for christmas, and he has some pretty good books on egypt, he, of course, is going to be a mummy for halloween :P . anyway, first kid i've seen that also has an interest in egypt so i had to share :)

Anna said...

You didn't mention how you looked like a rock star or celebrity mom all glamed up with your kids in tow. Who's the fancy lady now?!