Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Papa Logan visited us briefly over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday as he was in town for a conference against the war. Sunday morning, he went to a meeting early then hung out with the boys a bit around lunchtime.

Anna had delivered a letter from Jonas the night before while Aleks was sleeping, so when he woke up, I gave him the envelope. Inside was a 2-sided drawing and the words "Love Jonas." We believe the drawing were instructions for building something with Lego. Aleks immediately set to work writing his own letters to Jonas. He wanted to create images that showed what to use for the Lego Game, which at first was supposed to fill 3 pages. In the end, he filled 6 pages, one of which was a giant sheet of paper. Plus there was a 7th page with instructions, dictated to Papa. This took all day to accomplish.
Bastian wanted to draw too. He still just scribbles, but he was trying to use many different colors. He lined up all the markers in his little OCD way.
Aleks brought out all the stuffed animals to the living room, plus emptied the lizard/dinosaur/amphibian cupboard to set up the animals for a battle. Once they were set up, no real battle ensued, but a bit later Bastian played Pew Pew with them on his own, also making them talk and interact in his adorable, nonsensical gibberish.

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