Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Papa in Mexico, Day Six

First thing's first. I woke up late enough to have missed the garbage truck, but early enough to see the recycling truck. Thus, I now have proof that you don't have to have your recycling in a blue bag: Day Six I didn't do anything at all. I gloried in the freshly arrived Radiohead tickets and posted on message boards to show how smart and lovely I am. I talked about shipping out a Domestic Greening order that was placed last week, but decided that I was too lazy to mess with UPS at the moment. I stayed in pajamas at the table, helping Ana decide between the Britax Frontiers and the Radian 80s for her kids' new car seats, the sounds of video games beeping in the background.

While I enjoyed an omelet for breakfast at 2 in the afternoon, Aleks rejected the "milkiness" of the peanut butter on the sandwich I made him, insisting that it was the fault of the bread. None of which makes any sense to me. His solution was to acquire a spoon and the jar of peanut butter and circumvent the whole bread situation altogether.

We are now nearly out of peanut butter. Bastian's breakfasts are in trouble...If only I could ever remember to take the plastic tub to the Co-op for bulk peanut butter like I intend.

Beside Aleks on the table, Papa's pepper plants are starting to look like actual plants. He will be so excited when he returns from Mexico. I'm still not sure why we're only growing peppers, however.
Bastian brought me a Darth Vader action figure to show off how he reattached the arm himself. He was quite proud. I didn't mention that it faced the wrong way and that he'd have to have his elbow relocated, something I'm pretty sure hurts like nothing else.
At around five in the evening, I decided that I'd really put off going outside to enjoy the weather long enough and that we must leave. Initially, I just thought we'd go to the park or on a walk to the library to return the videos, but then Ana and I talked about getting together so we headed across town to share pizza with her, Jonas, and Lavinia.

In the car, Aleks asked if it was Spring. I told him it was. He asked if Spring meant that there were pink flowers on trees. I talked about all the different colors of flowers on different plants and how so many come out in Spring, but especially on trees. Then he pointed out a white flowering tree, excited to see a different color.
Bastian just discovered the kaleidoscope, which he brought in the car with him to take to Ana's. He seems quite fascinated by the spinning shapes. I remember being roughly his age and using one and loving it. Aleks has shown no interest in it or the nicer wooden one I bought him last summer.
Ana and Lavinia were matchy-matchy. Lavinia was very tired. I offered to try to be her mommy and to nurse her, but she just screeched and clung to her real mama, whining to be carried around even while Ana tried to throw things away and pick up the house and order pizza.
After dinner, the kids all played in the backyard, jumping on this mattress left behind by a neighbor recently moved. It was kind of gross, but kind of fun too.
We tried to discourage them from touching the mattress with anything other than their shoed feet, advice that went completely unheeded like most things that exit our mouths.
We set up an "obstacle course" for them that involved jumping off the picnic table onto the mattress, going down the slide, then rocking on the see-saw.
The bouncing on the mattress was my favorite part, but then I'm a little big for the other toys. They were sufficiently worn out as Bastian fell asleep on the car ride home.

Just before leaving Ana's house, Aleks and Jonas were playing Lego inside and Aleks kept talking with a robot voice. At one point, we overheard them discussing a bad guy scorpion who was really just looking for its mother, who was also a bad guy.

My mother pulled up to our house a few minutes after we returned form Ana's. Bastian woke up when I put him in the bed, but went back down easily. Aleks took a little longer, but Grandma read to him while I took a break.


New Mama said...

I'm glad you're able to get out with the boys. Still thinking of you!

em said...

I love the Papa in Mexico series! And Radiohead tickets?! Aw, man.....so jealous!

Rachel said...

Anna, I haven't checked your blog in a few days, and wow, I'm just overwhelmed reading about all you've been doing. I suppose these are typical days, similar to the ones we have here, and if I would actually take the time to record every moment, our days may sound similarly intense. But man, you hosted a mama blessing when Jon is out of town? You are crazy and amazing at the same time. :) And you call this day doing nothing? There is so much something in every moment you describe and so many moments in all of these posts...it all adds up to a whole of of something and leave me wondering exactly how many hours there are in the days where you are, ha ha. I mean, how do you do all that AND have the time to record it? Wow!

I really love reading about the fun AND the struggles, and I am thinking about you and trusting that you will not only get through these last few days without Jon but actually have a really joyful time in spite of the messes, the lack of sleep, the food spills, the drawing on appliances (what a fantastic choice for a canvas, and what wonderful drawings!), the crashing down of millions of Legos, the late nights, the early mornings, the late mornings, the lack of peanut butter in the house.

Oh, and as a side note, we just got our Lego magazine and saw that there is going to be an Indiana Jones Lego thing on Cartoon Network. As i was reading your posts, I thought I'd mention this...you probably already know about it, since your boys watch a lot of CN (we actually don't, and I'm not sure why...we'll have to add it to our favorite channels). Anyway, I think there might be something airing this Saturday...?

I'll be thinking about you for this final push until Jon returns.

Linda said...

I'm enjoying the series too. Also, I'm wondering if we were separated at birth.Not eating breakfast until 2 in the afternoon, *and* not leaving the house until 5 pm? I didn't know anyone else seriously did that. Well, I'm sure I suspected but it's something else entirely to see it in print.

Rachel said...

Hey, I also just wanted to send you this to give you a little laugh. Coincidentally, I saw it on someone else's blog just moments after I left the comment for you here. It's purely science fiction, at least around here. When clean, our house is usually messier than the messy house at the start of this video. And I would not be able (or even attempt) to enlist the kids to help "pick it up," but maybe humming the song in your head as you have to pick up all the Legos will make you smile. ;) http://video.aol.com/video-detail/pick-it-up/3902113153

anna kiss said...

Woo-hoo! Lots of comments! Thanks new mama and em for stopping by. Yes, Radiohead tickets - August 4th!

Rachel - I did "nothing" for the first half of the day, I guess. The boys, of course, are always learning stuff. It doesn't always feel that way, though. lol

We don't actually have tv, either. They found the CN videos part of the CN website. It would be a good time to have TV, though. Or to visit someone with cable.

I checked out the video - I like that it was ska. I saw where it was going before the chorus and had a little snicker. It is total science fiction though, isn't it? My house is really um, immaculate, actually because I am a neat freak.

Linda - other people eat breakfast at 2 in the afternoon and don't leave the house until 5 too? Aw man! That's awesome. I love that. I feel better already. It's 6 'til 5 right now and I'm not dressed. The boys are both naked and everyone is taking a nap (except for me). We already missed all the sunlight too, because it just started to rain. Shoot!