Thursday, May 8, 2008

Papa in Mexico, Day Eight

Grandma Cat left before any of the rest of us were awake. A little while later, Bastian woke me up by bringing me the Hartzler bottle in bed again. We still don't have any cereal though, which I had to remind him. So he just left the thing in my bed. Good thing it wasn't opened yet, because those lids leak.
Bastian also piled puppets on me. They're both really into this piggy thing my mom started, so I'm assuming he was trying to wake me to participate. It did not work.
After getting out of bed, getting coffee made, and setting up to hunker down in front of the computer for awhile, Aleks called out to me to come see what Bastian had done in the kitchen. He got into the fridge and spilled yogurt all over the floor. Oh boy.
First he tried to wipe it up himself with the shark towel he was wearing after a bath necessitated by pooping in his pants. The shark towel does not absorb yogurt well. It mostly just shmeers it around on the floor, into the cracks, where the ants can come and lick it up and carry it back to their colony stuck on their antennae.
Then he started to lick it off the floor because he still wanted some.
He thought it was pretty hysterical.
What I found hysterical, is that he was eating plain yogurt. We have maple in the fridge, but the only difference besides the word printed on the label (and, uh, Bastian can't read) was that the oval in which the word is in is in blue on the maple instead of green like the plain. Maybe the floor added some yummy sweet flavor.
In an effort to curb Aleks' consumerism, and because I wasn't planning on moving much during the day, I finally had time to sit and watch The Story of Stuff with the boys. Aleks' favorite part of the whole thing was the golden arrow, which may be a bad thing. Actually, he was just disappointed that the rest of the animation wasn't in color. I'm not sure if the film will help in my efforts to buy less, or if it's just something the boys felt confused about and forced to endure. I'm not sure that they understood a fraction of what she was saying.

Regardless, there must have been something in there they absorbed. We'll just have to watch it again and again and talk about why we don't buy things. If I ever get the energy required to do such things as talk extensively while we're picking up bread and not ice cream or random heavily-packaged goods at the grocery. I cried several times throughout it though. The Golden Compass the night before had this whole thing about polar bears at the beginning that made me cry too. I'm a softy for global devastation, I gotta say. And totally on edge due to the stress of being alone.

I spent most of the morning and afternoon in front of the computer, not accomplishing much. My father came in the later afternoon to stay for a few days to keep me company. The boys refused to get dressed at all. My only concern is that they keep climbing up on the couch in front of the picture window, totally without clothing or inhibition. They gotta knock it off. There's no place to move the couch to.

The boys watched the entirety of The Golden Compass since they'd both fallen asleep during it last night. Aleks played video games and watched cartoons and played Lego all day long, as is usual. He sorted tons of red pieces of Lego from his Lego tray, and at one point I heard him directing some Lego guy or Lego ship that the red was lava that they must not touch. At first I thought he had grand plans for some giant red robot, but perhaps it was always just lava.
He built a bunch of ships too, using odd pieces from different sets to create wings. Perhaps these are more Dora Devastators. There's a Lego set he's been eying online for a long while now called the Mobile Devastator. Ever since he watched a bunch of Dora the Explorer that we got from the library the other day, he's been creating something he calls the Dora Devastator. It's hard to even imagine what such a machine would look like if Lego took it into consideration. Perhaps it would be one of those nice, cross-gender sets they're always after, mixed with a little cross-marketing to include Dora's stupid show and all her bilingual minions of the enchanted forest or wherever it is that she lives. Abuela could have some tricked-out version of the Claw Crusher in gingham or something and boots could ride around in a Storm Lasher with red boots on.

I considered getting them out of the house, but didn't manage it before it began to rain and get much cooler again. I am very bummed out about the weather right now. We made dinner, Aleks hardly ate anything at all. Eventually, we got them to bed and I was able to take off for Heavy Metal Science Club yet again, where we listened to Gwar and D.O.A. then had a Weezer singalong in the wee hours of the morning. I still missed my husband though.

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