Sunday, May 25, 2008

Messy Party

Supplies: bowls, funnels, spoons, straws, colanders, oats, water, dish soap, food coloring, corn starch, flour, corn meal and two feral children. Directions: Mix and serve.

Bastian's Flower.
Aleks' flour.
Splashin' in the goop.
Muddy flour footprints left on the step.
More water.



Anna said...

We're going to have to do this when it gets warm again, they will love it. We played with flour and grains in the kitchen yesterday, but Jonas got some big ideas and it ended pretty poorly. Outside makes much more sense.

Rachel said...

Oh I LOVE messy parties! And what a great concept, to actually do it OUTSIDE, hee hee. I'll have to remember that.

Linda said...

What fun!