Friday, May 23, 2008

Magical Childhood

Our upstairs neighbor was receiving a truckload of furniture during the morning and had her dad, niece, and nephew visiting at the same time, so we offered to have the niece and nephew come play with us for a bit. I sat around in my pajamas most of the day, as is my usual, but then was able to help entertain the guests later on. I helped her niece make a necklace of paper beads that she painted and glittered and she spent a lot of time painting pictures as well. Meanwhile, the boys played nerf guns, lego, and video games.

Since it was nice out, I grabbed the beautiful handmade bubble wands the boys got for Easter and poured some bubbles in a pan and let them all have at it.
It was so waldorfy. I felt so proud that I could, if but for a moment, give my kids the enriched, magical childhood they so deserve.


Anna said...

So those awesome bouble wands make great boubles? can you tell I have little to do with apcleveland down?

anna kiss said...

Not great bubbles, but bubbles at all.

Yes, I can, matter of fact.