Friday, April 11, 2008

Map Making

Presumably because I was working on my Treasure Map for several days,Aleks drew a map of his own. His, however, described the intricate battle plan for the Lego Exoforce Battle he and his friends are going to have. What interested me most about the drawing was that he drew outlines with pen, then filled them in in with marker. He never colors things in. He also taped two pieces of paper together to make it big enough and took up the whole space. He was very intent about the whole thing. He got the paper, got out the tape, his markers, a pen- all from different places - and started to work at the coffee table while I dealt with some huge mess or another that Bastian had made.
Aleks describes each of the components, its function, and who runs it. Later he told me that the Exoforce battle wasn't going to happen because his friends didn't have enough money to buy all the parts.

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