Tuesday, April 22, 2008

How Awesome I Am

I am a super awesome mom. After a full day of working from home, keeping things tidy and the children fed, followed by a long excursion to the library where we checked out 54 items, I baked chocolate chip cookies. The only reason I did it is because we were going to go to the coffee shop after the library, like we normally do, but Aleks ran off to the big park and through a parking lot, so I was upset. Plus, Papa was at home making dinner, which would be nearly ready anyway. Aleks was very upset and cried and pleaded a lot of the way home, but we really needed to get back and the wagon was heavy.

After dinner, I had to take some Domestic Greening postcards to Jenny for her booth at Tri-C today, and we had just realized that we were out of birdseed, so I stopped at the grocery on the way back and picked up chocolate chips, brown sugar, extra butter, some more of the last of Conway's Irish Ale, and a 20 pound bag of wild bird seed. After dishes, I set to work making something like four dozen chocolate chip cookies, some with nuts for me, and some without for the boys. Then I gave them Amish milk and cookies warm from the oven while they watched one of their movies from the library.
Some days, I absolutely rock.

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Anna said...

you rock most days.