Sunday, April 6, 2008

Aullwood Farm and Charleston Falls

Grandma Cat and Grandpa Jim took Aleks and Bastian to see the new baby animals at Aullwood Center and Farm and then to Charleston Falls to see the baby owls up in their nest.

Bastian pet the sheep.Aleks used the binoculars they brought for owl watching to look deeply into the giant nostrils of the Clydesdale. Perhaps he saw his brain.
Grandma and Bastian, cuddling.
Aleks always tries to fish with sticks whenever he sees a body of water. This, despite not eating fish.
Bastian fell asleep in the car between the two patches of nature and could not be roused, so just Aleks and Grandpa Jim made the hike to see owls at Charleston Falls. Here's Aleks with the falls.
And hiding in a cave, which he does on every visit there. There are tons of little caves along the cliff face.

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