Thursday, March 27, 2008

Walking to the River

While visiting family, we went on a walk to the Englewood Dam to check out the height of the water since there'd been lots of recent melting snow and rain and flooding in parts of Ohio. Aunt Natty came with us. The road was closed for driving due to the height of the water in the flood basin, so we had to hoof it. Papa found some upturned wild onions, which he had Aleks smell. Aleks did not like them. Papa went on about how people should collect them and eat them more often, though we did not. He said the same thing about the wild chickens I saw in Key West.
I found a black salamander laying on the road. Papa said he'd never seen one before outside of aquariums. He was surprised I was able to spot it at all. He was teeny.
Aleks examines the salamander, who curls up in my palm, twisting over on himself. We put him in the edge of the woods under some leaves where he'll be less likely to get eaten or hurt. He seemed pretty still when I found him, so I wonder if he wasn't hurt to begin with.
Aleks picks up some sticks. Papa tells him the big stick is too big for a walking stick.
Aleks tells Papa, "It's not a walking stick. It's a draggin' stick." I picture a dragon made of wood.
An airplane flies overhead against gray overcast skies.
We reach the water's edge, not too far down the road. It's up really high!
Ducks and geese swim by, next to this stop sign where the road should be.
The boys check it out.
Aleks tests the water.
When we turn to go, Bastian refuses to come with us. I hold his hand and guide him, though he keeps turning back and running towards the water. Eventually we keep walking, though then he runs off into the woods. Here he closely resembles the famous Bigfoot photos.
It's really a good thing he was wearing red. Can you spot him in there (click to enlarge)?
Aunt Natty captures Bastian and removes his boots so he can piggyback it the rest of the way.
I get worn out going up the hill, so Natty takes over. Woo-hoo! We made it!
Here's the flood plain in all its glory as we drive over the top of the dam. There was also a huge whirlpool right at the base of the dam, but we weren't able to get a photo.


Chrissy Johnson said...

HOLY SH*T! Reminds me of (one?) of the reasons we moved from Ohio!

Saille said...

Does your family live near Dayton? I have in-laws in Centerville and we lived south of Columbus for years. My husband and I both went to OU. We get back to Ohio at least twice a year. I miss the Metro Park events terribly. There's nothing like that in upstate NY.

anna kiss said...

Yes, my parents live near Dayton. :)

Chrissy - it's not so bad! It's just in the metroparks. No real flooding round here.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing your guy's adventures. :)