Monday, March 3, 2008

Goopity Goop

We made goop. We used corn starch and added food-coloring to water to shade our goop. Aleks picked out the colors - green for him and red for Bastian.
They dumped in their corn starch then added the water.
Then set to mixing it by hand.
It turned soupy and weird. We had to add more corn starch and then more water to change the consistency.
They let it drip and drizzle, clump and melt.
They mixed the two batches.
They shared their love of goop.
It turned a blah gray.
Aleks' hands turned gray too and he tried to pick the bits off.
Bastian tried to save the bits from the table, sensing how it was both dry and wet.
The drips got everywhere.
In the evening, our friend Heather and I went on a super-secret mission to try to get into the super-secret Arcade Fire show. Aleks was very curious about our mission. He asked if it was real and I said "sorta." Then he asked what "sorta" meant as though he had never before heard the word. I said it meant yes and no. I told him we were on a mission to get into a show, but we weren't actually saving lives or anything. Heather, upon hearing about Aleks and I's conversation, decided that seeing the Arcade Fire was potentially life-affirming and thus a significantly real mission. By canvassing for Obama for an hour, we were successful.

Aleks called while we were there and invited Heather to dinner at 5:30 on Tuesday.

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Anonymous said...

oh this is what you were talking about when you called me that one day sent me pictures of pitch black haha.