Friday, February 29, 2008

Trip to the zoo

We went to the Rainforest building at the zoo with our friends Anna, Jonas, and Lavinia. For the most part, the children ran in opposite directions, taking little time to look at the animals. But they hadn't seen their friends in a long time and enjoyed running around and playing as well as the split seconds they spent watching the animals.

Here everyone looks over the edge of the railing at nothing in particular (save for lots of different types of plants). They can't resist an overlook, however.This is a Capybara, the world's largest rodent. Behind him is a Giant Anteater. There were two Anteaters that were both quite active during our visit, though mainly they just paced.
Here's the Giant Anteater again. The Giant Anteater is one of only two taxa of mammals without any teeth even in a mature state.
Here the kids climb the walls, watching an empty pool of water and a leopard who mostly ignored the little bits of meat all over his cage.
The male orangutan came over to talk to Jonas and Bastian.

A turtle with a long, snake-like neck.
A crocodile!
This is me nursing Bastian in front of the Francois Monkeys. The females were all in heat and sat around with their butts in the faces of the males, who mostly groomed them. They have super long tails, white chops, and fauxhawks. They were, true to their name, Frenchy monkeys who would not have looked odd drinking espresso and smoking cigarettes. Très sophistiqué!

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3 moons and the sea said...

LOVE the pic with you nursing on the cute!!