Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Tuesday evening, Aleks and I built an Aleks and Bastian snowboys (the shorter one is Bastian, of course). Then I shoveled the walkway and completely exhausted myself. It continued to snow all night and by the next afternoon, they looked like this (I think their eyes fell out too):We went out again to play in the snow some more. We talked about making more snowfolk, but no one seemed interested, so I shoveled the walk again. At least it was sunny and I didn't nearly kill myself this time. Aleks tried dusting the snowboys off.

Bastian wandered around in the yard while I shoveled. It was kinda hard with more than six inches on the ground and his short little legs scrunched into a snowsuit and boots. He got all snotty and red in the cheeks.
Aleks made snow angels and threw snow at everyone (though I asked him not to because he kept getting snow in Bastian's face, hence the snotting redness). I got him over the head with a couple of shovelfulls, though, which he thought was pretty hilarious.
They wrestled a bit.
Then killed the snowboys.
Then I made a fort, which they were not interested in at all. Bastian enjoyed trying to destroy the walls, which frustrated me, and Aleks got mad when I used the remaining bits of the snowboys at the back when he wanted to build new snowmen. So we went inside. The end.


em said...

As a midwestern girl currently stranded in Los Angeles, this made me very homesick! Love the snow boys, but do not miss shoveling... (and yes 2 comments from a timid commenter, a monster has been created).

anna kiss said...

ha! You'll be back reading/commenting every day now!!!

You can have our snow though. February is way too long.