Thursday, February 7, 2008

Darth Vader goes to Speech Therapy

Aleks insists that he looks "ridiculous" in his green corduroy coat (which he picked out from the Hanna Anderson catalog this fall) and that he should not have to wear it to go outside, even if it is below freezing. He's been mainly wearing his Darth Vader cape and mask instead, but today, he decided to wear the whole costume (minus the cape and I said no to a light saber at speech therapy). He also carried a purse which he put his bear clock that we can't figure out how to work and have lost the directions for. He used a rubber band from veggies to strap it to his wrist as a watch to show Jen, his "speech teacher."

After testing the ice in our driveway where the giant puddle used to be, he posed for me:Bastian brought a purse too, full of Star Wars action figures, which he did not play with at all while we were at speech.
Mask down:

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